project overview

The Irondale Gulch watershed upstream of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal (RMA) is an approximately 12 square miles and is located in the City and County of Denver and City of Aurora. The watershed is a combination of commercial, industrial, and residential, and is approximately 75% developed with future opportunities for development along Pena Blvd. on the southwest side of the watershed. The watershed includes a number of tributaries which primarily drain the Montbello neighborhood, but also drain portions of Green Valley Ranch, Stapleton, and northern Aurora. The drainageways include Montbello Drainage, Montbello Tributary, Bolling Dr. Tributary, Maxwell Tributary, Tower Outfall, and numerous smaller tributaries.

The primary goals of the project are to perform a hydrologic analysis, to develop alternatives and recommendations for stormwater infrastructure improvements where problems are predicted, and to develop conceptual level design and cost estimates for the selected improvements. An Outfall Systems Plan (OSP) will include these items. Key project tasks include the following:

  • An assessment the condition of the existing major drainage system and major public facilities
  • Developing hydrology that reflects both the existing and the future land use elements
  • Identifying existing flooding, conveyance, and water quality issues
  • Identifying drainage improvements that address the stakeholders’ current and future needs
  • Developing conceptual design of the selected improvements